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Cantonment College Jashore

A Synoptic View


Cantonment College Jashore, located in the south-eastern periphery of Jashore Cantonment and in the adjacent area of Arabpur Rail Crossings and DOHS, started its journey in 1969 under the supervision of Bangladesh Army. This renowned institution, directly patronised by General Officer Commanding of Jashore Cantonment, provides diversified educational facilities to the students studying here. Jashore Cantonment College is the largest institution in all kinds of standards of courses or number of students in cantonment colleges run by Bangladesh Army. Higher secondary level consists of Science, Humanities and Business Studies Groups. This institution also offers Degree Pass Course and Honours Course in ten different subjects and Masters in five subjects. About 6000 students get the opportunity to study here. In 2015, it comes under the direct control of Bangladesh Army which is a groundbreaking initiative. Education program of this college is conducted under the direct supervision of the managing committee as per the directions of the National University and Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, Jashore. Apart from its academic excellence, this institution excels in co-curricular activities under various clubs which provide young knowledge seekers ample scope for national and international exposure.

Some Information:

  • Cantonment College Jashore started its journey in 1969 with the introduction of Humanities Group at Daud Public School Campus.
  • Science & Business Studies Groups were introduced respectively in 1977 & 1985.
  • This college was shifted to its present campus in 1983.
  • BA (Honours), B.S.S (Honours), BA (Pass) and BSc (Pass) courses were introduced in 1993 & 1995.
  • Honours courses in Bangla, Economics and Political Science were introduced in 1996.
  • Post-graduate courses in Bangla, Economics and Political Science were introduced in 1999.
  • Honors courses in Accounting, Management, Social Work, BBA, Islamic History and Culture, Islamic Studies and Mathematics were introduced in 2005.Masters Courses in Accounting, Political Science, and Social Work were introduced in 2014.
  • Basic Course in Motor Driving cum Mechanics and Computers under the Technical Training Board of Bangladesh was introduced in 2017.
  • At present, 22 subjects are taught at HSC level. Besides Degree Pass Course, the college also offers BA Honours Course in 10 subjects and Masters Course in 5 subjects and about 6000 students can study here at a time.


  • Cantonment College Jashore won the trophy of the Chief of the Army Staff as the best public college in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2010
  • Cantonment College Jashore won gold medals at the national level Chemistry Olympiad and General Knowledge Competition in 2013 and at ‘Language Competition’ in 2015
  • Cantonment College Jashore became Runner-up at Inter-Cantonment College Debate Competition in 2015 & 2016 consecutively
  • Cantonment College Jashore got the 3rd and the 11th place at the Chemistry Olympiad, and 9th place at Physics Olympiad in the regional level in 2017
  • Cantonment College Jashore became Champion in the National Education Week (regional level) in 2017
  • In 2011, a student of this college won gold medal in 5000 and 10000 Metre Race in Inter University Sports Competition.
  • In 2013, a cadet was selected as the best shooter in the annual training camp, and received the first prize from the then General Officer Commanding of Jashore Cantonment
  • In 2015, a student got first place in the Essay Competition organized on Armed Forces Day.
  • In 2015, a BBA student of this college attended an international conference ‘International Forum on Arsenic Contamination of Groundwater’ in Japan on the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • In the 2016 Victory Day Cricket Competition, this college gained the title of district champion.
  • Cantonment College Jashore achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Regional Mathematics Olympiad in 2007, and 1st place in Rubic’s Cube Competition in the same year.
  • In the year 2017, 2 students from the BNCC (Army) branch of the college went to Sri Lanka and India; in 2016, two students went to Sri Lanka and India as state delegates; 1 student went to Sri Lanka in 2015; in 2014, one student went to Sri Lanka on a state tour; in 2012, 1 student went to Sri Lanka and in 2010, 1 student went to Maldives and India.
  • In the National Education Week of the year 2017, participating in various competitions at the Upazila level Cantonment College Jashore occupied 1st place in 18 events also gained 1st place in 16 events in District level. In the Divisional Phase, this college occupied the 1st position in 05 events, and 1 student participated in the national level and immediately occupied the 3rd place.
  • Students of this college participated in various competition at the Upazila level in the Creative Talent Hunt Competition of 2017. 3 students gained 1st and 1 student occupied second place.
  • In the National Education Week organized by the Education Ministry in 2018, Assistant Professor and PUO Md. Shariful Islam, was nominated as the best BNCC teacher of Khulna division, also Cantonment College BNCC Platoon was nominated as the best BNCC Platoon in Khulna Division.
  • Cantonment College, Jashore was nominated as the best educational institution at the Upazila and district level of National Education Week 2018; and Mehdi Hasan Anik has been selected as the best student. Cantonment College, Jashore participated in various competitions at the upazila level and occupied 1st place in 16 events. In the district level competition, it occupied 1st place in 13 events and occupied the 1st place in 02 events at divisional level.
  • In the sports competition of the 2011 Inter-Contonment Public School and College, the students of this college earned the honor of becoming champions in football, volleyball and TT games.
  • In Inter-Contonment Public College Sports Competition-2019(regional), the students of this college earned the honor of becoming champions in Handball, Table Tennis & Chess.
  • Students of this college occupied the first place in the Khulna region in the Inter Contonment Public School and College Debate Competition in 2018 and also became Runner up in National Level.
  • In 2018, four Rover participants from this college attended the cycle rallies on the occasion of a special programme of Rovers.
  • In the National Education Week of 2018 and 2019, BNCC Military Branch of this college was elected as the Best Platoon and a teacher was selected as the best Professor Under Officer.
  • In the year 2018, this college participated in Centenary Rover Moot Palli Gazipur and earned the glory of being the best Rover Unit.
  • This college achieved the glory of 7th position in 2016 and 5th position in 2017 in Khulna region.
  • In 2019, this college achieved the distinction of becoming the best educational institution in Khulna region